Art Nouveau Era

The words Art Nouveau literally mean “New Art”, and with Art Nouveau engagement rings becoming more popular than ever it is fitting that we understand the era, generation, and the popular fashion of the time period during which Art Nouveau jewelry was crafted.
Art Nouveau is an international philosophy and style of art that jewelry maker’s view as architecture applied to jewelry in a most stunning manner. Popular during the 1890s to the late 1910 era, Art Nouveau jewelry represents the emergence of modern technology and the hunger for fresh, exciting, and sophisticated fashion during the late 19th century. Much of Art Nouveau jewelry crafted during the time reflected the beauty of nature, and is therefore full of colorful gemstones and eye-catching shapes.
Art Nouveau engagement rings grew out of this time period, and also contributed to the independent spirit of the era. Young people were thirsty for beauty, art, and freedom and Art Nouveau accurately represented everything they were after. The biggest change to develop from the nouveau jewelry revolution was a return to jeweler’s art. Gone were the days of substandard jewelry. The public was hungry for individuality and beauty. Jewelers were therefore forced to include curvature, flowing patterns, and floral patterns in their art. Gemstone colors varied, but the most popular included pale pink, yellows, and greens.
Art nouveau engagement rings were popularized once again by modern movies like Pride and Prejudice where actress Keria Knightley showcased quality craftsmanship and lookalike jewelry from the time period. Women who enjoy craftsmanship will fall in love with Art Nouveau jewelry. Their unique and sophisticated construct delights even the snobbiest of jewelry enthusiasts.
The philosophy that rings should be crafted by the jewelry maker, not by the popular fashion trends of the time, gave jewelers a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand and improve upon their craft. Today we now reap the benefits from that time period with exquisite art nouveau engagement rings.

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