Georgian Era

As vintage engagement rings have gotten more popular, so have those from the Georgian era. This time period, which was between 1714-1837, has a very succinct feeling of the wealthy. This period is named after King Georges I-IV of England, during a time when high quality jewelry was exclusively for the wealthy. Despite the revolutions happening in France and America, England proper’s etiquette and lifestyle was relatively untouched.

This era covers three styles of jewelry: Rococo, Gothic and Neoclassical. These styles initially had diamonds as the preferred gemstone in a favored rose cut and old mine, however gems such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies added a colorful twist in the earlier half of the 1700s. Georgian rings offer a particular distinction in the use of closed back settings, meaning the gemstones were mounted in a way that kept the bottom half entirely enclosed.

This time period is for you if some of your favorite movies, books, or characters include Mozart, Interview With The Vampire, The Duchess, Jane Austen, etc. All of which are set in this time period.

Georgian jewelry is rare to come by, which makes it an extra special engagement ring. Those that want something extra special to commemorate their love. Someone who would greatly value the rarity and adornment of these rings would be a lover of things from the past, someone who wants something truly unique for their unique love found. As more than likely you won’t find an original Georgian piece, I would look for Georgian inspired rings or replicas.

Here’s a few more examples of Georgian Style Vintage Engagement Rings I found on

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