Rare Finds: How To Choose Vintage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Recently, vintage jewelry burst onto the market with serious flare. The trend for fabulous vintage and antique to jewelry has thrust the styles of yesteryear into the public eye, leaving women everywhere drooling over sparkling custom wedding bands that can’t be found in just any old jewelry store. Vintage engagement rings have a whole history behind them. More often than not, they were worn by one single woman for most of her married life. That connection to the past, not to mention the stunning styles, makes antique jewelry one of the biggest fashion trends in recent history. If you want to join in on the trend, first consider the following information before you make a purchase.

What makes Antique Engagement Rings Special?

There are several reasons why antique engagement rings are so hot right now in the industry. For one, vintage everything is extremely popular. People love the idea of taking styles from the past and putting a modern twist on them. Combining the past with the future gives you the best of both worlds. Also, there is a plethora of different styles, colors, and shapes of custom wedding bands to choose from with vintage jewelry. Modern jewelry leaves much to be desired. Most of the time, each ring looks identical to the last. But antique jewelry is the exact opposite. There are so many different styles to choose from, which makes shopping for vintage engagement rings much more fun!

Another reason why antique engagement rings are so special is due to their incredible personality. Many women want their ring to represent them on every front. The more dynamic the individual, the more they are drawn to antique jewelry. The fact is you can’t replicate vintage jewelry. Modern styles cannot even come close to the quality and beauty of traditional jewelry, no matter how hard they try. After all, most old-fashioned jewelry is over 50 years old and brings with it the history and fashion of that time period.

Of course, traditional jewelry pieces are also special simply because they are rare. You cannot pick up an antique ring at one flea market and expect to find it again at another flea market. The rarity of the diamonds, metal, and rhinestones in vintage jewelry makes it especially attractive. Rarity equals uniqueness, and when you purchase a rare jewelry piece it automatically increases in value. It is as if you had a custom wedding ring made, but without the price tag.

Three Popular Vintage Jewelry Trends

There are several different styles of vintage and antique jewelry that you might want to consider prior to shopping. Figuring out what you like before you expend energy looking for the perfect piece is critical to making sure you get what you want. To help you sift through the excess, here are three different and popular vintage and antique wedding ring trends that are readily available on the market.

  1. Art Deco Engagement Rings.

Art deco jewelry is constituted as any item created during the 1920s through to the 1930s. A streamlined geometric pattern generally signifies art deco jewelry. Individuals who like bulky, colorful, and imaginative jewelry will quickly fall in love with art deco rings. A mix of gemstones and diamonds comes together to create an incredible engagement ring. Interestingly, art deco is the most popular form of vintage engagement rings today.

  1. Victorian antique wedding rings.

Anything that is older than 50 years old is considered ‘antique’, and the Victorian age definitely constitutes antique jewelry. In fact, the Victorian age historically ran from 1835-1900. The traditional ‘mine cut’ signifies Victorian jewelry. The ‘mine cut’ is characteristic of rows of diamonds and pearls along with an extra facet underneath. The Tiffany jewelry company pioneered this look, and today there are countless engagement rings on the market that strive to imitate it. If you prefer a classy, gorgeous, and elegant style then a Victorian engagement ring will likely fit your personality.

  1. Edwardian jewelry.

Platinum is the number one must have of Edwardian vintage jewelry. Scrollwork, lacy details, and brilliant diamonds are the tell-tale sign of this style of ring. Bright and pretty sapphires were also very popular in this period. If you prefer something a bit flashier, then this is the perfect style for you.

Five Shopping Tips for Antique Wedding Rings

Now that you know what style you like and have decided what type of ring is right for you, the next step is to get shopping! Shopping for vintage engagement rings is not as easy as you would expect. To guarantee that you get what you want from your shopping experience check out the following 5 shopping tips you can use on your journey.

Tip 1. Make sure that the ring includes information about when it was created. Any valid antique ring you purchase should come along with a date of creation. This is important to ensure that your ring is genuinely antique.

Tip 2. Ask for an appraisal on the price and worth of the ring. This certificate of authenticity will likely also come with the age of the ring and any other interesting tidbits about the piece. If this isn’t offered, then ask for the return policy and use this grace period to get the ring appraised. Once it is appraised then you can guarantee that it is a genuine antique ring. Expect to pay extra for a certificate of appraisal, however.

Tip 3. Keep in mind the likelihood that the ring may be a duplicate. Take note of any jewelry piece that comes with the marketing terms ‘antique reproduction ring’ ‘antique style ring’ and so forth. If advertising includes these words, then chances are the ring is not a genuine piece.

Tip 4. Remember that a ring is not considered ‘antique’ unless it is 50 years or older. It is also important to note that only certain metals were available prior to the late 1850s. The most common metals were made with 18 or 22 Karat gold. Any lower quality gold was not used until after that date. Additionally, silver and platinum bands weren’t widely used until the late 1880s. Any ring created from titanium or tungsten is certainly not antique as it was not used until the 1990s.

Tip 5. Ask what the return policy is. Any quality dealer will offer you a 30 day return policy on their product. If they don’t you might be better off moving on. If you are purchasing the ring from a third party think about drawing up a contract before making the purchase. This will safeguard you from being scammed by a dealer. If he or she is hesitant to sign a contract then run in the opposite direction.

Advantages of Vintage Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are more than just a fun trend that everyone can enjoy, they also offer incredible advantages. For example, the craftsmanship of older jewelry is often superior to modern rings. From custom wedding bands to vintage engagement rings, antique jewelry is more than just something you wear on your finger. It represents you as an individual and showcases your personality and style.

We briefly mentioned earlier that there is a unique historical advantage to buying vintage engagement rings, but it is important to touch on this point a little further. Modern rings are wonderful for their brilliance and clarity, but they don’t offer any character unless you get it handmade by a wholesaler. Vintage jewelry and antique wedding rings come with their own story and history. Regardless of who owned the jewelry before you, you can guarantee there is a story behind it. This makes your particular piece unique. No one else in the world will ever own a piece identical to yours. How awesome is that?

Of course, the affordability of vintage rings is also a huge plus. If you are on a strict budget then antique jewelry is the perfect option for your engagement ring. Art deco engagement rings generally run hundreds, if not thousands of dollars cheaper than standard market rings that are available today. Unless they have been restored then it can get quite pricey.

If you do your research, decide on the perfect style, and know what to look for in vintage jewelry then you will undoubtedly find the perfect antique wedding ring to wear on your finger for the rest of your life! Get what you want out of your wedding ring and choose the perfect piece for your personality by shopping for antique wedding rings today!


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