Vintage Wedding Bands

Have you ever thought along the lines of getting a vintage wedding band for your sweetheart? Vintage wedding bands are as unique and special as the person that wears them. So if you are looking for the perfect wedding ring to symbolize your true love, maybe something simple, yet classically unique might suit you.

What to look for in your vintage wedding band?

Keep a sharp eye for beautiful and intricate craftsmanship. Vintage rings were mostly handcrafted depending on the era it comes from. If you aren’t sure what kind of Vintage Wedding Band you would like, start by having a look at some of the ones I have found on

One type of vintage wedding band would be influenced by simplicity, like in the Georgian Era. Like this one

Vintage Wedding Bands For Women

Another example of a unique wedding band is influenced by romance, like in the Victorian Era. Like these

If you are more of an artistic person, check out some designs from the Art Nouvean Era. Have a look here

If you find that you are more into elegance, you might like the influence of the Edwardian Era.

The ever so popular 1920’s gives freedom to express individuality also known as the Art Deco Era. One of my favorites.

Finally if you are someone that loves being bold and beautiful! You will love the glitz and glamor of the Retro Era. Check this one out!


This should have given you a good idea where to start when choosing your very own vintage wedding band. The task can be a daunting one, after all this one little piece of jewelry holds so much significance in one’s life. So do not rush into the decision, take out the time to truly think over what you would really want on your finger for the rest of your life. Involve your partner in the decision or ask close family and friends if you seem unsure. What truly matters is that at the end of the day you are truly happy and satisfied with what you have decided. Your wedding band signifies the start of your new life with the person you love, so this has to be the first thing that you absolutely have to be sure about. Think of it as the stepping stone to what could be the greatest era of your life.

On a personal note… I like to get another ring whenever I start a “new” era. I told my husband I’d love to have another ring when the baby comes! Marks a new era! Then I can gift it to them as they get old enough. Perfect for family heirlooms!

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