Vintage Wedding Rings: Preparations For A Vintage Inspired Wedding

Vintage wedding rings, vintage invitations, vintage wedding veils are all just the start of a perfect wedding. Recreating past times can be a wonderful way for the bridge and groom to share their present and future memories with both family and close friends.  Vintage inspired wedding rings can add a special touch to any wedding ceremony.

Vintage can be defined as high quality of past times, obsolete or being the best of its kind. Therefore, for those who want to create this kind of wonderful scenery and background, should have a budget that can accommodate the cost of the vintage wedding rings and all the fixings. While some of the old items may not be costly at all, other items may be very expensive (i.e. vintage wedding rings). One of the main tricks to pulling this kind of wedding off successfully is to have access to your grandmothers old things as well as shops that sell different types of vintage items from way back. If you have previously purchased a vintage engagement ring, then you are perhaps already aware of what this entails. You can find vintage wedding rings for sale at many fine jewelers.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

One of the best things about a vintage wedding is the bride and groom can be very creative. In fact, the bride can choose old items from the past and then use her own imagination. Therefore, if the bride does not already have a gown picked out that she has kept with her for years, she can look for several other options. For example, she may choose to look for an heirloom gown from a family member or a friend. Many times these gowns may have stains and discolorations because of their age. This does not have to be a problem, however, because most stains can be removed with gentle cleansing soap or by bleaching.

Prior to attempting any type of cleaning method, the bride should talk to a professional dry cleaner for advice and direction. The type of material will often determine what kind of cleaning procedures will be used. For instance, based on the type of material used in the vintage wedding dressing, soaking it in bleach may be appropriate. On the other hand, lemon juice and salt may be used to remove random spots and stains from the dress.

Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Although traditional weddings are fun to attend, it is normally the untraditional weddings that leave the guest with the ‘wow factor.’ Therefore, when planning the untraditional wedding, it leaves the bride with more leeway to plan how she wants to look (specifically, in her vintage wedding rings or vintage style wedding rings).  This also applies to everyone in her wedding party. The bridesmaid dresses do not have to look the same or similar. They can be different colors, styles, and materials. Each bridesmaid will appreciate this change because she can pick a vintage dress that looks best on her. While these dresses can come from an old bargain basement, the bride may want to have each dress made by a professional seamstress. In either case, each bridesmaid’s dress should be complemented by the hairstyles of that era as well. The bride can create the affect of a vintage fashion show, especially as each bridesmaid walks down the aisle. This will keep each guests wondering what the bride has in store next.

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Prior to the wedding, each guest should receive the wedding invitation. The wedding invitations should set the stage because it should also have the vintage theme. This is another area where the bride can use her creative abilities. Using her imaginations, she can create vintage or retro invitations for the people that she wants to attend. Presently, there are many different sites and videos that can also help the bride with ideas (i.e placing an image of the vintage wedding rings on the top of the invitations). On the other hand, the bride can also order vintage invitations from various sites online. Many times these sites have a large selection to choose from.

Vintage Wedding Bouquet

Vintage wedding bouquets can also add a great effect to the wedding. Even with traditional weddings today, the bride is looking for unique wedding bouquet ideas. Hence, with the vintage bouquet, the bride can play with different types of flowers, colors and materials. She may also choose to use ideas from weddings that were shown in old classic movies. One of the most recent ideas is using a collage of antique brooches as the wedding bouquet. This idea works well, especially because many older women keep old brooches (as well as estate wedding rings) around their home. Some people never throw them away because some old fashions can revert back.

Vintage Tuxedos

Even though the bride is retro or vintage, the bride cannot forget the groom, specifically if she wants the full effect during that special day. For the men’s tuxedos, they should search for places in their local area (places that provide vintage tuxedo rentals). However, if the groom does not find a tuxedo that they prefer, they can also look for online sites that provide vintage tuxedos.

Many of the previous remarks about vintage wedding rings sets can also apply to vintage mens wedding rings.  Just use common sense and get advice from a man’s perspective.

Vintage Themed Wedding Foods

Catering the reception in a vintage style is also important, since the theme should be followed from the opening of the church doors to the last man standing at the reception. Fortunately, the bride can control this cost and it can range from a small reception budget to an expensive spread. Some of the foods that may be considered as common vintage wedding foods are as follows; shrimp salad, fruit cocktails, chicken salad, shrimp cocktails, avocados, cream cheese and pan fried oysters. The list above is normally for brides that want to serve an American menu. On the other hand, if she chooses an Italian menu for her reception, she would also have a variety of different foods available to her guest. For example, the list may include the traditional antipasto, baked brie with caramelized onions, stuffed olives, grapes, apples and pears along with a large assortment of different kinds of breads.

Monogramed Vintage Wedding Rings Gift Bags

Another great touch to the reception is setting up a candy station. The candy station will be filled with candy from the past. However, the candy can be placed in large vases or oversized martini glasses. As the guest leave they can pick up a monogrammed gift bag (monogrammed with an image of the vintage wedding rings).

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